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  • PPO claims volume 2005-11
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    Periodic payment orders hold steady


    Actuarial Profession report shows awards are stabilising

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    Jackson on trial


    As the government prepares to implement Lord Jackson’s proposals for civil litigation costs, justice groups and legal expenses insurers are questioning his findings

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    Armed and ready


    Insurance fraudsters cost the economy billions of pounds a year by using ever more sophisticated techniques. But the industry is tooling itself up to hit back with hi-tech weapons

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    The thick red line


    Redlining (refusing to cover customers in a certain postcode) makes insurers unpopular with customers, but does it damage business for brokers? We discover that in fact it can offer an opportunity to add value if you can find the right insurer

  • Claims clout: do you have it?

    Claim to fame


    Take note of these names. They are the people set to leave their mark on the rapidly changing claims sector this year

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    Battle ships


    Piracy in the Gulf of Aden is a huge problem, and there are not enough navy ships in the region to combat it. But one group of brokers and insurers hopes to take protection into their own hands, with what’s billed as the sector’s first private navy

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    The winter’s tale


    The recent big freeze will not be the last, so how can insurers and loss adjusters minimise the effects of cold snaps? We find that for many the cost of responding to recent severe events will lead to a resourcing conundrum and higher premiums

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    Get with the program


    It’s not just the amount of claims information you have, it’s the way you use it that puts you at the cutting edge. Here's the lowdown on three award-winning technologies that promise to unlock the dosh in your data

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    Have yourself a very techie Christmas


    Many of us will be waking up on Christmas morning to find a shiny new gadget under the tree. But you don’t have to reserve all your excitement for the latest games console. We report on how claims professionals can make the most of hi-tech devices and technologies

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    Take cover


    The threat of terrorist attacks – both regional and global – is never far from the headlines. But it is an evolving picture that places ever-changing demands on the insurance sector