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    Richard Hobbs: Beware continental drift to supremacy


    Proposals to abolish the FSA must be seen in the context of a wider European drive to control regulation in member states

  • Claims

    Nick Patterson:: Don’t be a soft touch on claims costs


    Good risk management, swift responses and proactive investigation are tough on claims and tough on the sources of claims

  • Mike Noonan

    Fraudulent claims: once bitten, twice shy


    Should insurers have to honour subsequent claims on a policy once a fraud has been uncovered?

  • Claims

    Fight the good fight


    Tackling the thorny issue of insurance fraud, the latest Claims Clinic featured real-life examples of elaborate scams and canny chancers, as well as the latest strategies for catching them out, including harnessing the power of social networking sites

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    Won’t somebody think of the consumer?


    Referral fees just drive up the cost of litigation without adding any real value or benefit to the consumer

  • Claims

    Technology will drive down case costs


    Claims and compensation procedures will be streamlined if the Jackson Review proposals are put into practice

  • Claims

    Take us to your leaders


    As the legislators close in, internal misconduct by directors is under greater scrutiny. The D&O claims defender’s job just got tougher

  • Claims

    The need for speed


    Streamlining the system for injury claims arising from motor accidents is welcome, but costs and courtroom congestion are a worry

  • Claims

    Good faith? Practise what you preach


    Claims farming may give insurers a bad name but, as long as we’re pocketing big sums from the practice, it’s a name we partly deserve

  • Claims

    Different questions, same answer?


    The ABI’s guidance on third-party assistance and the MoJ’s claims reforms are two linked-up challenges for insurers. The solution must be too

  • Claims

    Get ready for your close-up


    With great economic turmoil comes greater scrutiny. It’s time for the industry to get its house in order, starting with the practice of referral fees

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    Claims in a cold climate


    Of course fraud is a headache for insurers. But perhaps now is the time to focus on other issues – cost-shifting, for example

  • Claims

    Act quickly before we are swept away


    ‘Escape of water’ claims are a growing problem for insurers

  • David Williams

    Come in Max Clifford, we need you


    Insurers must fight against the poor image presented by the tabloids, says David Williams. A code of ethics for bodily injury claims could be just the thing to start the campaign

  • Claims

    Something old, something new


    From workplace noise to mortgage fraud, familiar risks are back wearing new masks as we seek to identify and manage the claims of tomorrow, says Andrew McBride

  • Claims

    Sensible option must be part of process


    If solicitors and claimants are to embrace mediation to resolve disputes, says Paul Ashurst, the advantages must be made obvious to both parties

  • Claims

    Damages Bill solution is quick-fix


    Graham Gibson fears the long-term repercussions of Scotland’s ruling on pleural plaques compensation

  • Claims

    Stay in the driving seat in no-fault cases


    Make it easier for customers to get replacement cars after accidents without resorting to credit hire companies, says Phil Bird, and you’ll do your business a favour too with three lines

  • Claims

    Douse the flames


    The insurance industry could do much to cut the cost of fire cover, writes Chris Hanks. Join his group for a start

  • Claims

    Keep it simple


    Insurers need a single, far-reaching initiative on legal costs, says Andrew McBride. If the industry doesn’t start lobbying now, the opportunity for change will slide by ...