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    Corruption in emerging markets


    Insurers and brokers wanting to expand in emerging countries are facing a stark choice: break the Bribery Act or walk away from business

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    Interview: Amanda Blanc


    ‘Any idiot can grow their business in insurance: you’re just cheap and you write a lot’

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    How did they get away with it?


    The shady dealings of brokers Ideal Insurance forced at least one customer into near bankruptcy, but the most startling twist in the tale is the FSA’s inability to act on tip-offs about the firm for over a year, and the ease with which a broker with a prison record could ...

  • Patrick Snowball - Aviva
    Latest News

    Aviva chief puts paid to Snowball’s RAC dream


    Insurance Times reveals Andrew Moss’s sales plan and appointment of J.P. Morgan

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    We know where it’s at


    Insurers’ reputation as technological dinosaurs will soon be extinct, if an exclusive survey of insurance CIOs is anything to go by

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    The luck of the Irish?


    The collapse 12 months ago of Quinn sent shudders through the British and Irish insurance sectors. But, as the fate of the beleaguered firm remains uncertain, it seems brokers and insurers have escaped relatively unscathed

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    Life after the gender ruling


    With the ECJ gender ruling now set in stone, insurers will be looking for new ways to target the coveted female driver. But if they are forced to price all young drivers equally, both young men and women will be hit hard as insurers look to make a sharp exit ...

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    Double or nothing


    Taxpayer-subsidised NIG has been accused of recklessly undercutting its rivals with a controversial guarantee to beat the prices of 15 rival insurers. Critics warn that such tactics not only hurt insurers’ bottom line, but prolong a soft market for all

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    Interview: Paul Evans, AXA


    AXA’s UK boss is uncompromising and fast working. In his first four months in the job, he has split the business in two, said goodbye to Philippe Maso and welcomed Amanda Blanc. Now, all he has to do is return the insurer to growth and work out what to do ...

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    Interview: Martin South, Marsh


    From a job that took him to all corners of the globe, Marsh’s head of UK operations now has his feet firmly on the ground. But returning the company to profitability and looking for opportunities to expand in the UK have provided new challenges

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    Matchmaker, matchmaker


    Wealthy, daring, adventurous and assertive, private equity firms have plenty of the attributes you look for in a perfect partner. But as they cruise the insurance sector for prospective alliances, it’s worth remembering that they can be fickle and demanding too …

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    Flotation is Towergate’s next move


    The £200m deal with Advent, to be sealed next week, is likely to lead to an IPO but no staff payouts or large acquisitions

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    Rising again …


    … Inflation, that is. And with it comes escalating premiums, expensive claims, devalued investments and rising operating costs. But who is going to feel its grip the worst?

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    Professional development: seven ages


    This week, Insurance Times spoke to seven insurance professionals, one born in every decade from the 1930s to the 1990s. Their diverse career paths reflect the way the sector has expanded over the years to offer an exciting range of opportunities

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    Interview: David Ross, Gallagher International


    Twenty years at Arthur J Gallagher have given chief executive David Ross a good nose for expansion and diversification. As he tells us, the broker is now looking to the UK retail arena for its next move

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    The foreseeable future


    As we embark on another new year, the likes of a crystal ball would be pretty useful. But how about the next best thing? We asked a selection of the industry’s key players for their predictions for 2011

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    2010: the year of the saga


    The past year has kept us on the edge of our seat – from painful bust-ups in personal injury and racy courtship rumours, to Quinn’s tale of woe and musical chairs at AXA. Add in a few of acts of God, and we’re hooked for the next instalment

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    Amanda Blanc: the new high-profile face of AXA


    Paul Evans pulled off an unexpected coup in recruiting former Towergate boss Amanda Blanc to AXA’s ailing commercial operation – and it’s left many in the industry sensing a renaissance in the air

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    Interview: Graham Clarke


    A calm and unassuming exterior belies the Miller chief executive’s ambitious nature. Here he tells us how he plans to take on the big brokers

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    Who do they think they are?


    The BBC did Boris Johnson and Stephen Fry. Now, Insurance Times delves into the roots of today’s insurance giants