Titus Odedun was found guilty of ‘persistent misbehaviour’ at a General Medical Council hearing

Gavel ban

A doctor who lied about his qualifications and experience when giving medical evidence under oath in insurance cases has been erased from the General Medical Council’s (GMC’s) Medical Register.

Titus Odedun was struck off the register following an investigation by law firm Horwich Farrelly that were conducted over a number of years.

At a hearing of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), Odedun was found to have deliberately misrepresented his medical experience and membership of professional bodies under oath and in the medical reports he supplied to support personal injury claims.

In its report on the hearing, the GMC wrote: “The Panel has found Dr Odedun’s false and dishonest statements to represent a pattern of persistent misbehaviour over a long period of time.

“The Panel is concerned by the attitude demonstrated by Dr Odedun. Dr Odedun’s conduct was persistent over a lengthy period of time, and the Panel has already determined that his maintenance of his right to continue using self-awarded titles demonstrates a lack of insight and indicates a significant risk of repetition. The Panel has already determined that Dr Odedun’s misconduct was a serious breach of Good Medical Practice.”

Horwich Farrelly fraud partner Ronan McCann said: “Medical evidence forms the foundation of any personal injury case, and the expert’s integrity is crucial in assessing the authenticity of these claims. If the medical expert is dishonest in any way how can the courts rely on any of their opinions?

“Mr Odedun had been on our radar for some time and we have been challenging his evidence in Court for a number of years which allowed us to put together a very strong case to present to the GMC. As he provided statements to support a large number of personal injury claims he could potentially have cost insurers, and hence honest policyholders, huge amounts of money as a result of his persistent dishonesty.”

McCann added it was important for the insurance industry to pursue dishonest claims activity from all parts of society: “We will investigate dishonest activity irrespective of whether it is by those pursuing compensation or the professionals who support their claims.”

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