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European Insurer Value Analysis 2021


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In this informative webinar, you will learn about what makes a best-in-class European insurance company.

ACORD, Alchemy Crew, and CGI will present the results of a recently conducted analysis of the leading European-headquartered insurers, together representing €1.2T+ in annual revenue.

The study identified superior performers by applying a proprietary cash flow return model. The presentation will cover the following questions. Webinar audience can also post questions online – either by name or anonymous – for our expert panel to answer live.

  • What did superior performers do differently than their competitors?
  • What were their strategies and tactics?
  • How did they approach innovation and change?
  • And, what can be learned in terms of leadership and culture?

    Saxon East, Content Director, Insurance Times
    Bill Pieroni, President & CEO, ACORD
    Sabine VanderLinden, Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Director, Alchemy Crew
    Paul Wishman, Vice president Insurance, CGI