The ABI has launched a campaign to reduce the numbers of young drivers killed or seriously injured on Britain's roads.

The trade body said despite recent falls in the total number of deaths on UK roads, the number of fatalities involving young drivers was still rising.

In 2005, 12% of those killed on Britain's roads were aged 16-19, up from 10% in 2000.

It has evaluated the Pass Plus training scheme for newly-qualified drivers that was set up in 1995.

The ABI said its research showed that drivers who take Pass Plus were less likely to have an accident.

The body is working with road safety groups and motoring organisations on proposals to improve the safety of young drivers.

Stephen Haddrill, ABI director general, said: "While there has been a welcome overall fall in road casualties, the number of young people dying and injured on our roads is far too high.

"The government and other organisations must come together to cut this number, which represents a tragedy for too many families. This is why insurers are developing a coalition for action."