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How Covid-19 has accelerated digital adoption in the insurance industry


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The last 12 months have been difficult and challenging for us all. But in extremely challenging conditions, we’ve seen just how resilient, agile and adaptable businesses can be. In the insurance industry, there’s been a clear increase of digital and technological adoption, with brokers and insurers alike taking the opportunity to accelerate existing plans.

Using insights from the recent Insurance Times eTrade Survey, the panel discussed:

  • The changing digital landscape and how the Pandemic has accelerated digital adoption and strategic plans.
  • The current challenges brokers are facing digitally and what insurers need to do to support.
  • How the importance of digital trading and support will continue to shift and evolve in a post-pandemic world as businesses return to ‘normal’.
  • How are Aviva continuing to invest and commit to digital to provide better outcomes for you and your clients.
  • Panellists:
    Maria Crockart, Digital and Automation Director, Aviva
    David Hockey, Head of Trading, Aviva
    Savan Shah, Head of Research, Insurance Times (chair)
    Raoul Suthers, Head of Sales and Distribution, Aviva