Marketing Campaign of the Year - B2C

This category seeks to recognise a stand out marketing campaign specifically targeted at consumers and is open to all businesses operating in the UK insurance market, including agencies.

Judges were looking for creativity, innovation and original thinking in media, message and execution. Entrants were expected to be able to demonstrate a tangible contribution to business success.

All the finalists are listed below. Use the links to find out more from the entrants who have answered our series of Q&As.

GOLD: Aviva
BRONZE: Saga Services
Lancaster Insurance


What key achievement did your entry highlight?

Insurance clients had major concerns of migration of organised/opportunist fraud to Scotland due to high compensation awards/costs in Scotland, with apparently no public appetite in the Scottish Market to tackle fraud. DWF responded to these concerns by

  • Setting up an innovative multi-disciplinary outsourced team consisting of lawyers /intelligence/predictives/profiling analysts
  • Focussed on analysing Scottish data/the market/drivers behind claims/emerging threats
  • Shook up the Scottish market/disrupting fraudsters enablers and monitoring the Scottish government's legislative programme using DWF's findings to successfully campaign for regulatory change.

Results – DWF saved clients over £10m in 2018 and have influenced legislative change hugely benefiting the insurance industry


Can you share data or testimonials to back up your bid to win?

"DWF has taken the initiative to drive the focus on emerging fraud threats and the need for collaboration. I'm grateful to DWF for being the catalyst to improving prevention/detection of insurance fraud in Scotland." Ollie Little, IFED

"DWF's innovative approach to counter fraud in Scotland drawing together insurers/law enforcement agencies/key players to discuss responses to Scottish frauds has helped Insurers respond to this emerging threat in the identification of new trends. The ABI supports all efforts to disrupt insurance fraud." Alastair Ross, ABI.

"DWF's Disrupt to Progress Fraud Forum is the first time we have collaborated directly with others in Scotland regarding insurance fraud. The forum allowed us to engage with key industry players." Police Scotland

"The industry has made significant strides in data sharing to combat insurance fraud. Closer collaboration/intelligence sharing initiated by DWF is the most effective way to identify/disrupt organised cross industry fraudsters." Stephen Dalton, IFB

What sets your firm apart from the other shortlisted contenders?

DWF's campaign with insurers, industry bodies and government put Scottish fraud firmly on the map and disrupted fraudulent activities. DWF's campaign included working with the Scottish government on successfully changing legislation around regulating Scottish CMC's. DWF met numerous stakeholders, MPs, civil servants and MSPs presenting evidence of fraud migration based on predictive analytics, profiling and intelligence. DWF were recognised for innovation around legal services, winning Industry awards in 2018/19 and being recognised as one of the Top 10 Legal Firms in Europe in the Financial Times Innovation Awards 2018

How will you celebrate if you are the victor?

DWF will party hard with our clients until the early hours of the morning. We will also ensure that the victory will be highly profiled among our global legal business and across all of our clients as we will be enormously proud of achieving this success.

BRONZE: Saga Services

What key achievement did your entry highlight?

This campaign had a lot to achieve. We had to launch Saga's market-leading, fixed price propositions quickly, at scale, plus materially improve brand consideration in Saga's younger demographic. This required a significant shift in marketing strategy, including use of broadcast and digital media channels that Saga Insurance hadn't used in 10 years. The campaign delivered 26% year-on-year increase in leads, supported the delivery of over 200,000 fixed price sales (as at end September) and achieved 12% increase in motor insurance brand consideration (February to July 2019). Most importantly it drove an increase in younger customers seeing Saga as a brand for them.

Saga Services

Can you share data or testimonials to back up your bid to win?

Trustpilot customer feedback:

  • "Three-year fixed price deal was a no brainer!" Mr R.
  • "Easy to understand. I got a three-year fixed price too. Boom! Couldn't get that with other companies." Mrs W.
  • "Three-year fix heaven – dealt with very efficiently, came up with a competitive quote. The three-year price fix sealed my decision." Mr G.
  • "Fixed premium is a bonus I could not find elsewhere…" Mr G.
  • "I was surprised to see how much more I was getting for my money….and the three-year fix is good." Mrs M.

What sets your firm apart from the other shortlisted contenders?

Central to the Saga approach is real understanding of our customers. From designing the fixed price propositions to developing the campaign approach, our customers and their needs were central to our decision-making. In creating the campaign, we interviewed customers one to one, carried out street research, held focus groups, met Gerontologists and Semioticians to understand perceptions of age, and how they influence consideration of Saga, particularly for those in our younger customer segments. This in-depth customer understanding, enabled us to design a really effective campaign, resulting in material shifts in brand consideration and a successful launch of our new fixed price products.

How will you celebrate if you are the victor?

The team intend to enjoy the fabulous IT Awards and on Monday take our trophy with pride back to the office. We have some fabulous celebrations and prizes planned for our colleagues in Folkestone and all our offices to say thank you for making it happen. Their exceptional customer service, and "Nothing is too much trouble" attitude is incredible.