Biba is to publicise information thrown up by the FSA's 'arrow' visits to brokers.

It will highlight areas where brokers are not meeting regulatory requirements.

Biba regulation and compliance manager Steve White said regular meetings had been held with the FSA's supervisory teams to determine trends of infringements or misunderstandings of regulations revealed by the visits.

He said Biba planned to publish the trends on its website, advising brokers on common infringement areas.

But White said as few visits had so far been carried out, no information was yet available.

"If the FSA's regulatory team spots areas of common misunderstanding it will share them with us and we will share the information with Biba members," said White.

He added that Biba was working to build relations with the FSA and has held discussions on a number of issues.

More brokers receive FSA cal
Layton Blackham received its first 'arrow' visit from the FSA this week, with Smart and Cook due for a visit next month.

Oval said it was in close conversation with the regulatory team but had not yet set a date for a risk assessment visit.

The FSA is believed to be starting with larger super-regional brokers before moving on to the smaller end of the market.