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Cyber Security and the Pandemic: trends and their implications for insurers



Cyber security trends have been significantly influenced by the pandemic. These rapid changes, coupled with the existing broader trends influencing cyber security such as the IoT revolution, have real impacts on the insurance sector.

This webinar examined these trends and bought together a panel to discuss their implications. Topics discussed include:

  • The pandemic and its impact on the threat landscape - Malware, ransomware and fraud, existing crimes in new a context
  • The cyber security implications of our response to the pandemic – The shift to home working, implications for both insurer business operations and insured risk
  • Broader trends impacting cyber security and the insurance market – IoT ‘Smart locks’ and assurance

    Neil Arklie, Head of Cyber Insurance at Aviva
    Mark Hawksworth, Global Technology Specialist Practice Group Leader at Sedgwick
    Richard Holmes, Head of Cyber Security at CGI
    Lindsey Nelson, Cyber Development Leader at CFC Underwriting
    Matt Scott, Insurance Times