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Are insurers preventing the construction sector from hitting its 2050 Net Zero targets?



The Government has committed to making the country a Net Zero economy by 2050, but in its current form the construction industry is a huge contributor to carbon emissions.

In order for the industry to hit these targets, construction projects need to reduce their reliance on carbon-heavy concrete processing, and it is here that timber can help. The Prime Minister has already pledged to "Build Build Build" in order to solve the housing crisis, and timber could be the Net Zero Hero that plays a significant role in hitting these targets, but only if insurers engage with this new timber technology and stop blocking projects that use this technology by writing excessively high premiums because they don't understand the risks facing timber buildings. So what steps can the insurance industry take to support and help the construction industry with it aims? And how can insurers make sure they aren't the ones who will cause people to look back in 2050 and ask what went wrong if we fail to hit these targets?

To find out more about how some insurers are rising to these challenges, as well as how you can do more to understand timber construction and its benefits, join our expert panel to discuss.

  • What are the main threats to the Net Zero targets?
  • How can timber help?
  • What is currently holding back the adoption of timber construction projects?
  • What can be done to overcome these barriers?
  • What can insurers do?

    Panellists: Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive, Structural Timber Association | Marcus Saunders, Client Service Executive, Gallagher | Matt Scott, Insight Editor, Insurance Times