The Civil Justice Council (CJC) is to hold a series of 'big tent' meetings about introducing fixed costs for expert reports in cases that come under the fixed fees system

CJC chief executive Bob Musgrove said the CJC would begin to draw up a framework on how the costs of expert reports could be regulated following the meetings. The meetings, which follow a conference held last weekend on the issue, are unlikely to take place before the New Year.

Musgrove said discussions at the conference included the issue of whether different levels of fees should be introduced depending on the expertise of the person writing the report.

Past president of the Forum of Insurance Lawyers Claire McKinney, who attended the conference, said a general agreement had been reached that some kind of predictable cost for expert reports needed to be introduced into low cost claims.

The CJC has agreed with the British Medical Associa-tion to hold a conference on the regulation and accreditation of medico-legal report providers in the spring.