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Premium finance: Supporting brokers through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond



In March, Insurance Times published its first Premium Finance Report 2021, in association with investment organisation Close Brothers Premium Finance. Polling 311 brokers, the exclusive report reveals exactly what challenges brokers on the ground are facing – including Covid-19 and the hard market – as well as where brokers see potential for business growth.

In this webinar, industry experts sit down with Insurance Times to unpick the report’s findings, using data to depict the lay of the land for broking professionals, addressing key concerns that brokers see on the horizon or are currently experiencing.

We will discuss:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on brokers’ businesses and their ability to remain resilient.
  • How brokers can support SME clients to avoid underinsurance.
  • How brokers can maintain client relationships as the UK eases out of lockdown.
  • What opportunities may arise from hard market conditions and where premium finance providers can help.
  • The increased demand for premium finance from brokers.
  • How premium finance providers and brokers can work together moving forward post-pandemic, considering new emerging risks and potential unknowns.
  • Panellists:
    Steve Pratt, commercial director, Bedford Insurance
    Clare Ruel, senior reporter, Insurance Times
    Katie Scott, editor, Insurance Times
    Laura Sweetman, Head of Sales – South, Close Brothers Premium Finance