Following a recent advertisement from legal expenses insurer DAS, featuring an apparently tearful Paul Gascoigne, we were copied in on an email from Nick Hollands at Coversure to the DAS marketing department.

If, as the strapline claimed, "it's the little things that make the difference" then why, Hollands asks, was a picture of Gazza at Euro `96 used to illustrate a story about Italia `90. Simple, says DAS marketing communications manager Paul Jacobs: "Measuring the impact of advertising is notoriously difficult for marketers. The feedback we get from a `mistake' like this tells us not only who sees our ads and how much copy they read, but also which publication they see them in." (Apparently, all the responses so far have been from Insurance Times readers).

It sounds more like quick thinking to cover for a lazy creative agency than an inventive campaign evaluation tool. But to back it up Jacobs is offering a bottle of champagne to the first IT reader to spot a similar logical inconsistency in its current Leaning Tower of Pisa ad running on page 21 of this issue.