The world of G6 seems a rather confused place at the moment with the Lloyd's rumour mill going into over-drive this week with appointments, sackings, non-sackings and splinter groups.

First we had news that six was to become two, with four G-members supposedly getting the boot.

Order was later restored as four leading brokers working with G6 appeared to be setting up their own club - making it G4. Now add that to the slimmed down G2 and you have G6 again - still with us?

It then transpired that G6 was in fact still G6 with Beazley CIO Dominic Shine replaced with the insurer's finance director, Andrew Horton.

So, calculators at the ready. G6 is still G6 and not G2, there may be a G4, which could mean that by the end of the week we have a G10, or a G6.

Oh, the simple life at Lloyd's.