In your notes about the CII Conference, a prominent broker is reported to have said that brokers should "make themselves stand out" and added "we can do this".

Another apparently suggested that we should acquaint ourselves with "utmost good faith". The need for a common theme, as an industry, on which to fly our flag when approaching the government, has been apparent for generations.

These three themes are not new, but so often regarded as talking points, with an absence of appropriate action.

The CII examinations - although much fragmented - do give a firm base of knowledge of the industry, but are too often thrust aside as only theoretical and sidelined by the FSA.

The government's efforts to make insurance more palatable to the general public have generally met with disdain.

Festooned as they are with reams of paper compulsorily issued by weary broker and insurance company staff, with new policies and renewals, these sheaves are unwanted and frequently cast into the waste bin unread.

The insured trusts his broker/agent and only wants to know the premium and when due.

After 50 years in the business, I find little progress - indeed, the burden of the FSA in time and cost mitigates against it. Is it one of the government's ploys to reduce unemployment?

It is timely for the FSA to start an internal review - for which, no doubt, all sides of the industry and policyholders will surely pay.

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