I read with interest the correspondence (11 September, Insurance Times) regarding language studies in the City of London.

The BBC's foreign language broadcast of 6 September may have given the impression that the City's efforts in this direction are confined to Lloyd's, but as one who was involved in the filming of the broadcast I can assure you that this is not the case.

The international companies and brokers mentioned by Mr Davis do give substantial support (in some cases financial) to language classes for full-time workers in the City and further afield.

The organisation with which I have been involved since its inception in 1992 - the London Market Language Exchange - has received unstinting support also from the International Underwriting Association, the Corporation of London (Education) and the City University.

Through the medium of eight separate language clubs covering French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish, we have around 35 groups.

All levels of ability are catered for with tuition led by professional and voluntary teachers.

A range of social events are also arranged to help encourage an insight into the countries concerned and offer further chances to practise conversation.

If Mr Davis or any other Insurance Times readers are interested in learning more about our activities, please visit our website,
www.languageclubs.co.uk |, or telephone me on 07947 716 526.

Martin Reiss
International Underwriting Association

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