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How commercial brokers can succeed and grow post pandemic


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As the Covid-19-driven economic downturn continues, commercial brokers are having to manage a delicate balancing act – not only are they working to support struggling business clients and SMEs amid a lockdown-ravished economy, but they are also having to safeguard their own bottom lines and revenue streams when no one fully knows what the coronavirus pandemic will throw up next.

In this webinar, sponsored by Markel, Insurance Times and a leading panel of industry experts take a future-focused view of commercial broking and discuss how value-added services, such as tax and legal support, can differentiate a broker’s proposition to encourage business growth and new income opportunities.

Markel shared insights from its recent whitepaper, Driving growth in the ‘new normal’: A blueprint for commercial broker success when we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating the challenges SMEs face and how brokers can be part of the solution.

The panel discussed;

  • How commercial broking has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges that brokers in this field are having to support SME clients with – are there potential gaps that brokers can help to fill?
  • How brokers can become strategic business partners to their SME clients, adding value through an advisory approach and correlating add-on services.
  • How commercial brokers that differentiate their proposition using additional, related services can reap business benefits to their bottom line.
  • How commercial broking will evolve as the coronavirus pandemic continues – what market sectors will face the most challenges and how can brokers continue to offer support?
  • Case studies from Markel on how this differentiation approach can work in practice and the results they have achieved so far.

    Panellists: Phil Barton, CEO, Partners& | Nic Brown, Sales & Marketing Director, Markel UK | Neil Galjaard, Divisional Managing Director , Markel UK | Simon Mabb, Managing Director, Romero Insurance Brokers | Katie Scott, Associate Editor, Insurance Times