Insurance industry technology provider Rebus iS has launched a web-based policy production system aimed at speeding up and improving the efficiency of the policy issue process.

The system, Docusure, which was developed with Rebus iS's outsourcing partner Albis Associates, allows brokers to set rules for each type of policy that is issued, from the quote onwards.

Rebus iS customer support manager John Bobin said this means less experienced employees can handle standard policies, freeing up the specialists to handle more complex or important risks.

Bobin said Docusure would reduce the number of unsigned policies, provide security, make sure that the rules for each risk were applied properly and eliminate re-keying.

The system comprises a knowledge builder, to capture rules information, a document assembly tool and a web-based document repository.

Bobin said Rebus would be making announcements about new Docusure users within six weeks.