Irish deputy prime minister Mary Harney released her programme for reform of the Irish insurance market last week.

Harney said the programme was a "real driver for change".

It included the immediate establishment of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) on an interim basis.

Harney announced that Motor Insurance Advisory Board report author Dorothea Dowling would chair the PIAB.

Other measures outlined in the programme included priority for legislation to put the PIAB in statute and publication of the PIAB implementation group's report.

Harney said the government would also publish an action plan for putting into practice the recommendations in the MIAB's recent report.

She recently announced that her department would study competition in the insurance industry with Ireland's Competition Authority.

"No single part of this package stands on its own," she said.

"Not the PIAB, not any of the individual recommendations of the MIAB, not the study into competition in the insurance market."