Aim is to help brokers, intermediaries compete with aggregator sites


Software provider SchemeServe said it has launched an aggregator module to help brokers and intermediaries compete more effectively with the major price comparison websites.

The module is available to the company’s clients free of charge and allows brokers and intermediaries with delegated authority to become their own aggregator for niche insurance lines, according to SchemeServe, which provides insurance scheme software for brokers, MGAs, underwriting agencies and insurers.

It also allows its users to sell multiple targeted products from different insurers, and helps brokers build tailored products using different providers, using their own wording and coverage.

“Brokers will win and retain more business as clients can now shop around from multiple insurers from the broker’s own site at the same time as benefitting from a specialist broker’s advice,” SchemeServe’s head of sales and marketing, Ed Halsey said.