AIM-listed Claims People Group saw its shares climb on the back of healthy interims. This despite the loss of its prestigious Norwich Union account. In the first half to 30 June 2004, pretax profits rose to £71,946 on turnover of £1.21m, from £5,346 based on a turnover of £916,990 last year. On Tuesday shares were trading at 2.38p, up from 1.5p in early August.

GoshawK shares also climbed this week on the back of rumours that Michael Wade's Capital Insurance would make a bid. GoshawK chairman Paul Spencer worked closely with Wade before being drafted into GoshawK. Shares were 49p, up from just under 42p on 9 August.

Traders viewed Chaucer's syndicate forecast well. In a trading update, the company said forecasts for 2003 remained unchanged for all four syndicates, but that forecasts could improve if performance developed as expected. Chaucer's shares were 1p stronger at 49p on early trading on Tuesday.

In a good week for the insurance sector, Cox's shares also rose on bid rumours, trading at 67p on Tuesday. This compares to 56p on 16 August.