ABI: EL may rise

Plans to introduce periodic payments in personal injury cases could drive up the cost of employers' liability (EL) insurance by 3%, according to the ABI.

Biba compliance

Biba has launched a programme to help brokers prepare for FSA compliance tests. The partnership with Robin Wood Associates (RWA) is set to help brokers to tackle the issue.

Polaris motor boost

Polaris has announced an increase in the level of motor business written using its EDI system. In its half-yearly figures, the company announced that more than 1.25 million new business cases were written using EDI. This represents 81% of all new business, it said. Household EDI volumes for the half-year were just under 90,000.

Illegal EL

More than 210,000 businesses are operating illegally without employers' liability (EL) insurance, according to AXA Insurance. The insurer's report said nearly 1.8 million employees are without cover as a result.

AXA also claimed that 16,000 businesses were operating without any insurance at all - leaving a further 136,000 employees at risk.

IIF slams budget

The Irish Insurance Federation (IIF) has criticised the Irish government's budget, released last week, for failing to redirect duty on insurance premiums to safety initiatives.

New health clinics

Health treatment specialist Document Based Care (DBC) is opening five rehabilitation clinics a year for the next five years in the UK.

The clinics are for back, neck and shoulder problems. Insurers can send claimants to the clinics for assessment and rehabilitation.

International business development director Fiona Long said there were already five clinics in the UK and insurers' enthusiasm has spurred expansion.