You don't need to flash the cash scooping up every competitor under the sun to succeed in this game, as Allianz aims to prove.

The insurer has put away its wallet and instead has launched a health promotion scheme as it vies to become the "UK's number one insurer", while boosting the physical and mental health of its 4,000 employees at the same time.

Staff will have access to in-house health and wellness seminars, lunchtime walks and exercise classes as well as being given an exclusive Allianz health pack including a pedometer to measure how far they walk every day.

Lucky employees will also have the chance to undergo a lifestyle assessment with health-related theme days, as well as pamper days with on-site massages and manicures also on offer.

Backchat salutes Allianz's commitment to a "healthy workplace", which apparently can lead to "happy productive employees".

But we're in some doubt whether the power garnered from having beautiful nails and supple shoulders will leave competitors quaking in their boots.