With reference to the article concerning the relationship between Commercial Express and IGI Insurance Company Ltd

(14 August, Insurance Times) we were somewhat surprised and disturbed with the headline on the article and its content.

From Commercial Express's perspective Insurance Times was approached to hopefully write a marketing exercise about the new underwriters of our property owners scheme.

Though it was stressed, in our own words, "we struggled due to their [IGI] poor claims service", we think the headline was very sensationalised and also do not know how you reached the conclusion "a row has broken out".

We stressed this was to be a positive article about the new insurers and yet not even our telephone or fax numbers were contained in the article, so new brokers could approach us (which was the idea of this). But the article was in fact to be found under a claims handling headline.

From IGI's perspective it feels that the story has been blown out of all proportion. An amicable ending to a business relationship has been sensationalised to nobody's benefit other than Insurance Times.

A more professional standard of reporting would be expected from such a respected and well read journal.

Commercial Express and IGI Insurance Company Ltd Editor's reply: Insurance Times stands by what was reported in this article.

Insurance Times does not publish company telephone or fax numbers in its news stories. If a company would like to publish its company details in the magazine, please contact our advertising department.

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