2021 winners

In the Insurance Times 2021 Etrading survey, 850 brokers took part. The following insurers performed strongly amongst brokers.

Insurer Extranets

Aviva Fast-Trade

Aviva Fast Trade has been awarded a five star rating for the third consecutive year that Insurance Times has implemented a star rating system for eTrading. Brokers gave the platform five stars for each of the five service factors, with ‘usability and trading ease’ again getting the highest score.

Allianz QuoteSME

For a third consecutive year, brokers gave Allianz QuoteSME an overall four star rating, with the insurer achieving four stars in four of the five areas looked at. However, an improvement in ‘quality of support’ provided through QuoteSME over the last 12 months led to brokers giving Allianz QuoteSME five stars here.

Home & Legacy Online

For a third consecutive year, brokers gave Home & Legacy Online an overall four star rating. The niche insurer performed strongly across all five service areas, including a five star rating for ‘quality of support’ for a second year running. It was the platform’s highest performing service factor.

Insurer via Software Houses


Brokers awarded Zurich via platform an overall four star rating for a second consecutive year, a major achievement after the insurer’s overall two stars in the 2019 survey. Brokers didn’t give any insurer a five star rating this year for overall eTrading experience via a software house. But Zurich was the highest rated with the highest score among competitors. While, last year, Zurich was awarded four stars across all five service factors, this year it achieved four stars in four categories and five starsfor ‘quality and number of questions asked’.


Brokers gave Aviva an overall four stars for a third consecutive year for their experience of trading via a software house platform. Brokers trading with Aviva this way gave their highest rating for ‘usability and trading ease’.


Brokers trading with NIG via a software house platform gave the insurer an overall four star rating, down one star year on year. And while last year NIG won five stars across all five service areas, this year it maintained a five star rating in just three of those service areas – ‘quotability’, ‘breadth of cover & product range’ and ‘quality & number of questions asked’. Although still highly rated in the remaining service factors of ‘usability and trading ease’ and ‘quality of support’ with four stars, it lost a star in each of these categories year on year.