New eTrading Ratings, created for brokers, by brokers

The Insurance Times eTrading Star Ratings are the first glance guide to eTrading, created for brokers by brokers.

The ratings distil the key findings of the well-established eTrading survey into an indispensible advice tool to help brokers select the best way to trade. They provide a practical tool for brokers to assess insurer eTrading options based on the experience of their peers.


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eTrading Report 2023 | Five Star Ratings | Insurance Times

In addition to the table of overall ratings, full access to the eTrading microsite includes:

  • Dedicated pages for each of the extranets and insurers featured in the survey
  • Ratings for service factors and by broker segment
  • Rankings for the four main broker management platforms
  • Selected verbatim comments by brokers from the survey
  • Compare and contrast which route of eTrading your insurer partners provides the best service in

What the brokers said...

  • Product Acquired
  • Review
  • Etrading route
  • Average referral wait time
  • GWP
  • Products difficult to place

Product Acquired:Property owners
Review:"Easy-to-use referrals can be hit or miss as to when they come back."
Etrading route: Insurer extranet
Average referral wait time: 2+ days
GWP: Less than £2.5m

Product Acquired:Tradesman
Review:"Property being worked upon could be included. Also a shorter question set is needed. Of all the insurer extranets this is the longest."
Etrading route: Insurer extranet
Average referral wait time: 2 hours
GWP: From £25m to £75m
Products difficult to place:Hospitality, professional indemnity, commercial combined

Product Acquired:Property owners
Review:"Reaching insurers/underwriters can take more than 30 minutess to answer the telephone for a possible 3-5 minute conversation. Refferals that take longer than 2-3 days before I start to chase the insurers."
Etrading route: Insurer extranet
Average referral wait time: 2+ days
GWP: From £2.5m to £10m
Products difficult to place:From £2.5m to £10m