Watchguard's net security

Watchguard's net security
WatchGuard Technologies has rolled out two new internet security programmes through its distributor, Wick Hill, for use in the UK and Europe. Firebox SOHO and Firebox Telecommuter build on the benefits offered by WatchGuard's existing LiveSecurity range and can be used by businesses with up to 5,000 computer workers.

Stop hackers breaking in
Insurers are being warned of an entirely new and very powerful hacking bug which has been released on to the net. Concentric Software, which has launched an anti-hacking programme, CyberSight, said the virus can breach the firewall security measures that usually prevent damage occurring. Once the virus is established, remote computer users could access a firm's IT system.

Talking phone numbers
Software provider Number Master has released freeware to check whether insurers' customer records comply with new dialling codes. Number Master suggests between 30-50% of an insurance company's records will need changing to reflect up to 180 new telephone codes. In one test, Number Master's software converted 150,000 records in 50 minutes. The system can be found at

BancTec has electric bills
Remittance processing provider BancTec is developing an internet-based billing and invoicing system for use by insurers. The electronic payment processing programme will increase insurer's opportunity for customer marketing and increased savings from reduced postage and administration costs. Market research organisation Killen and Associates estimate 70% of all bills will be presented electronically by 2005.

Plain talking from the Co-op
Co-operative Insurance Society has revamped its website, to include community features and links. The site provides jargon-free information to help consumers access and understand a wide range of financial products, including general insurance.

Mynd puts its mind to future
Mynd, the insurance technology giant previously known as Policy Management Systems Corporation, has created a new insurance think-tank, the Insurance Innovations Group, to look at how technology can be harnessed to deal with future social and economic trends.