ISS Ark and General (ISSAG) is in buy-out talks with disaster recovery and facility service company Integral. ISSAG has already taken control of the company's Scottish and Irish operations.

An anonymous fax to Insurance Times, allegedly from disgruntled staff, said Integral was about to be bought out and "most of us [staff] laid off". This led ISSAG managing director Shaun Docherty to admit that talks were taking place to acquire 100% of Integral.

"We had hoped to announce this once the deal was secured. Negotiations are still ongoing with Integral and may take another month to conclude as they have other options."

But ISSAG has already acquired and re-branded Integral's Glasgow and Dublin offices. Integral's management team in Glasgow, Joe Cook and Chris Patterson, have been retained by ISSAG, and its Irish regional manager, Donal O'Donovan, has also jumped ship to head ISSAG Dublin.

Integral was formed two years ago by former Relectronic employees.