MGA Ratings 2022/23

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The Insurance Times MGA Report 2022/23 is the first at a glance guide to trading, created for brokers by brokers.

The ratings distil the key findings of the MGA survey into an indispensable advice tool to help brokers select the right MGA to partner with. MGA experience is classified using an easy to understand Five Star System, with five stars representing the best performing MGA, and one star being the worst.

The ratings provide a practical tool for brokers to assess MGA service levels based on the experience of their peers, aiding in justifying recommendations for clients. They also help MGAs benchmark the performance they have offered to brokers over the last 12 months and address broker feedback in several key areas.

Compare MGA performance.

All Insurance Times users with an online account have access to this carefully crafted microsite, designed as a ready reference tool to compare MGA performance both on the Five Star scale and on the established ranking system. This microsite includes dedicated pages on each MGA featured in the survey, giving an overall broker star rating for each MGA in addition to broker feedback. A newly added section to this microsite is 'broker support' and how brokers want MGAs to assist them in the challenging year ahead. The Insurance Times Five Star ratings are the first at a glance guide to insurer experience created for brokers by brokers.

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Using your star rating.

If you work for an insurer and want to use either the Five Star ratings or the rankings in your marketing communications, you can purchase a licence giving you the right to do so. The data in this microsite is for your own internal, personal, private non-commercial use only. Please email or for further details.