Shareholders in Sirius will receive a dividend of 1.5p a share despite the company making a pre-tax loss of £281,001 in 2001.

Sirius is a broker system provider, focusing on the larger end of the commercial market.

The dividend decision was taken at the annual meeting on 10 May.

The dividend will be the same as the previous year. In 2001 the company made a loss compared to a healthy profit of £727,215 the year before.

The loss came despite a small rise in turnover to £17.4m from £17.1m in 2000.

But expenses rose slightly, producing a total bottom line loss of £431,121 compared to a profit of £688,994 the year before.

The result is equivalent to a loss of 2.6p a share, compared to a profit of 4.6p the year before.