MGA Ratings 2021/22

Five stars | MGA Ratings 2021/22 | Insurance Times

The Insurance Times MGA Report 2021/22 is the first at a glance guide to trading, created for brokers by brokers.

The ratings distil the key findings of the MGA survey into an indispensable advice tool to help brokers select the right MGA to partner with. MGA experience is classified using an easy to understand Five Star System, with five stars representing the best performing MGA, and one star being the worst.

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Full access to the MGA microsite includes:

  • A table of overall ratings that brokers gave their MGA partners on the service they have received
  • Dedicated pages on each MGA featured in the survey with ratings both on the Five Star scale and on the established ranking system
  • Selected verbatim comments by brokers from the survey for each MGA

If you are a broker, you’ll also be able to raise your concerns for the year ahead on the new 'broker concerns' page.

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When it came to product feedback, brokers expressed great satisfaction with their flood cover, stating how the product is an excellent alternative to traditional methods of providing cover for flooding. In addition, brokers felt FloodFlash were realistic on renewals and providing quick response to queries and claims service.

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