An online jewellery replacement system has been launched giving insurers, loss adjusters and policyholders access to policyholder information. could replace more than 67,000 items of jewellery within two working days, according to the company.

The system has an online valuation system, designed to cut claims leakage.

AboogaClaims field staff can digitally scan documentation and proofs of purchase inside the policyholder's home. This is then uploaded to the AboogaClaims database, and viewed at any time by the insurer or loss adjuster.

Following the valuation of a claim, the policyholder would be given a user name and account number for the website.

When the policyholder entered the system, he or she would be instantly recognised and given a balance to spend. Policyholder would be able to replace lost or stolen items or choose other items.

Insurers and loss adjusters involved in the claim would enter a secure administration area for auditing, tracking and tracing claims.

Abooga executive chairman and developer Carl Downs said: "The days of sending the policyholder vouchers and a list of jewellery stores they can spend them in are numbered. In my experience, this extremely dated system leaves the policyholder with buyer's remorse as they feel they have simply been fobbed off."

Downs said there was a common misconception that customers wanted to feel and touch jewellery before they purchased the item.

This had been disproved by the success of Abooga's retail site, which had been running for four years, he said.

The AboogaClaims system has taken four years and "hundreds of thousands" of pounds to develop.

The company is in talks to sign up half a dozen major insurance companies.