I am sure your readers will be somewhat perplexed by the contrary views that have been expressed over the past couple of weeks in the light of our decision to terminate our Folgate agency.

This is a trading relationship between two corporate entities and we agreed with Folgate that the details surrounding our decision to part company would remain confidential. Throughout our discussions with Folgate, we have stuck faithfully to that agreement and we will continue to honour our word.

That said, in your lead article of 8 July, unattributable comments were published, which we feel it is important to pick up on. The first relates to our approach to relationships with our broker partners, and the second to brokers' understanding of our strategy. While we were pleased to see David Slade's letter of support in last week's edition, we would like to ensure that all brokers are as comfortable and supportive of our approach as he.

Should those who felt compelled to comment, albeit unnamed by Insurance Times, wish to contact me, I would be more than happy to meet them at their offices to outline our strategy and answer any queries.

Peter Burrows
Managing director
Zurich UK Commercial

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