MGA Ratings 2023/24

The Insurance Times MGA Report 2023/24 is the first at a glance guide to trading, created for brokers by brokers.

The ratings distil the key findings of the MGA survey into an indispensable advice tool to help brokers select the right MGA to partner with. MGA experience is classified using an easy to understand Five Star System, with five stars representing the best performing MGA, and one star being the worst.

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Full access to the MGA microsite includes:

  • A table of overall ratings that brokers gave their MGA partners on the service they have received. These are also summarised by small and large independent brokers
  • Dedicated pages on each MGA featured in the survey with ratings both on the Five Star scale and on the established ranking system
  • Selected verbatim comments from the survey by brokers for each MGA, broker concerns, capacity concerns, future role of MGAs, additional material and future business
  • An executive summary and the methodology behind the report

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Want more broker analysis and feedback?

The microsite contains a snapshot of the overall insights found, drawing upon just some of the many insights found in the 2023 MGA survey about the service received from MGA partners. The MGA 2023 Insight Book contains all qualitative and quantitative insights and more from the 1,850 brokers not only about the 26 MGAs that that made the cut but for nearly 50 MGAs that brokers put forward in the MGA survey. Due to the number of MGAs in the UK, we gave brokers the ability to indicate the name of the MGAs they have worked in rather than present brokers with a list of MGAs to choose from.

To enquire about the 2023/24 MGA Data Insight Book or previous year databooks, or to simply see the contents page please contact Savan Shah or Aisha Roberts: