Move to create “centres of excellence” after poor results

RBS is to close 14 offices around the UK including two in Glasgow, one in Cardiff and three in Birmingham as part of its slimming down of the business ready for a sale.

Other closures include:

  • Croydon - 2
  • Bristol - 2
  • Farnham
  • Ipswich
  • Manchester
  • Peterborough
  • Romford, Essex


RBS said: “We announced our plans to transform the business in May 2010. These plans included the re-evaluation of our UK office network in order to achieve greater cost-efficiencies as we head towards the divestment of RBS Insurance as mandated by the EU.?

“We need to make better use of our office network and ensure that it has an appropriate scale of operations across the UK.

“The aim is to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service, but it is clear that current property utilisation and subscale occupancy rates are not sustainable.?

Centres of excellence

“Over the next three years, we, therefore, intend to create centres of operational excellence around the country. This will result in staff changes, relocation, as well as recruitment opportunities. Some offices will grow, some will merge and some will close. ?

“We would emphasise that these changes are scheduled to take place over a period of three years and that it is far too early in the process to provide specific details of role changes.

We will be working closely with our staff through Employee Representative Bodies to finalise the details and will endeavour to mitigate the need for compulsory redundancies.?

Better underwriting

“RBS Insurance is a very strong business with market leading brands. The operational changes under discussion will ensure we are more efficient, have stronger claims and underwriting capability, can deliver improved service levels and offer competitive rates.?

“The exact number of staff impacted by the end result of this action is still unknown. We will be operating from 13 sites when the consolidation is?complete.”