Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Henderson appoints head for new unit

New Henderson venture appoints MD

Leeds-based broking group Henderson has named former Perkins Slade executive Nigel Hayden as managing director of its new Sports Insure subsidiary.

Hayden joined Sports Insure in March as a director from rival broking group Perkins Slade and has been promoted to managing director. He was a development executive at Perkins Slade.

Henderson launched Sports Insure, a broker focusing on sports risks, in February this year.

The company said the Sports Insure team now has four executives as well as broking, claims and back-office support.

Henderson added that it has secured offices in the Midlands for the new venture and it is looking to develop the office into a general insurance site. The company said it also intends the office to act as a group training site, sports museum and conference centre.

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