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Broker-owned MGAs - a conflict of interest?

Markerstudy’s ambition for it’s newly formed MGA to reach £1bn GWP by 2021 again raises the debate around whether brokers should be allowed to own an MGA

John ludlow airmic

Airmic's Ludlow charts 'roads to revolution'

The future is now, as roads converge on digital revolution, Airmic’s chief executive John Ludlow tells StrategicRISK

Telematics data

Data firms offer solutions for a fairer telematics future

As the FOS puts telematics on a watchlist, firms are looking for new fairer ways to obtain their data

iStock-149282224 telescope

Schemes – How to spot a promising niche

Identifying an under-served segment of the market and developing a scheme to serve it. Brokers and insurers working together to better deliver the products customers want

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