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The year began with ‘the big freeze’ and an avalanche of claims for the insurance industry. During January, the web was dominated by snow-related news and, three months on, Mother Nature has forced herself back onto the computer screens of web users once more.

Over the past week, volcanic ash-related news has not been hard to track down. As the event grew way beyond anyone’s imagination, the demand for updates became ever-more frequent, particularly with regard to the travel situation.

Then, as is standard with almost all major events, came the insurance industry’s turn to face the music. As holidaymakers were left stranded, insurers were forced to show their hand on their appetite to pay claims related to the Icelandic eruption.

Our story ‘Ash shows travel cover limits’ included the warning from the ABI that travel insurance might not cover many policyholders for delays and cancellations caused by the ash. It also detailed how various insurers were dealing with claims in this unusual situation.

The story prompted one online reader to comment: “How can an insurance policy that covers cancellation, curtailment, abandonment and catastrophe not cover you for this event. Stuck at Charles De Gaulle.”

Despite all the ash cloud commentary, there was no escaping Quinn news as more revelations about the Irish insurer were read online almost every day, including details of the possible sale process of Quinn Insurance, revealed on

Our online exclusive on the new Amlin-backed Charles Manchester MGA, and our report on CCV’s latest acquisition, also crept into the top 10.

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