A father and son who submitted a false £10,000 motor claim for non-existent whiplash injuries have pleaded guilty to insurance fraud at Manchester Crown Court.

Mukhtar Javid, 49, said he and his two children, including Sohil Ahmed, 18, were injured when their Nissan Sunny car collided with a third party on a motorway slip road. They submitted personal injury and other claims to insurers Highway for about £10,000.

But insurance investigators from Ravenstone UK tracked down witnesses who said Javid was not the driver of the car at the time of the accident and that there were no passengers either.

Bob Barnett, managing director of Ravenstone UK, said the two men entered a guilty plea after the judge ruled the evidence his company had gathered was admissible.

Barnett said: “We feel this case could have failed if the evidence had not been deemed admissible.”