Investigation revealed false claim four years after crash


Ageas has defeated a bogus personal injury claim for £100,000 made by a woman following a collision that took place in 2009.

Following investigation, the Ageas claims team uncovered evidence that enabled it to recover £19,000 in payments.

In February 2012, the claimant alleged that since the low velocity accident, she had suffered from severe back pain, which would require spinal surgery. She contended that the srugery and her loss of earnings would cost about £100,000, and commenced proceedings for this sum.

However, the Ageas claims team learnt that the claimant had a long history of back pain and sciatica, and that she received the highest disability benefit available and claimed for a significant care allowance.

Ageas looked into the case further, using the the Claims Underwriting Exchange personal injury system, which showed that the claimant had previously been involved in similar accidents.

Ageas’s investigations discovered, among other examples of inconsistent behaviour, that the claimant had taken her children to an adventure park and ridden on an extreme rollercoaster, which specifically advises passengers with back pain not to participate.

At trial, the court heard more medical evidence, which showed that the claimant had pre-existing back problems and her injuries had not resulted from the accident in question.

The court ordered the claimant to repay more than £19,000 already received from Ageas Insurance.

Ageas said that the claimant may be seeking permission to appeal.