Books about bravery, canine employees and cycling insurtech chief execs, what has the insurance been up to of late? And what’s Rick Astley got to do with insurance? You heard it here first…

Brave Betsy

Betsy Griffin, the eight-year-old daughter of Superscript account manager, Stuart Griffin has written her debut book Out of the Woods: A Tale of Positivity and Kindness.

Betsy Griffin Headshot

Credit: Stuart Griffin 

The fable references Betsy’s own journey through hardship as she was diagnosed with a tumour on her brain at two years old that has subsequently taken her away her vision. Despite this all she has a positive outlook on life that she intends to share with others.

Broadcaster and author Fearne Cotton has written the foreword and will be doing the reading for the audiobook. The book can be pre-ordered now and will launch officially on 10 November 2022.

Never gonna give you up 

Rick Astley fans in insurance will be pleased to hear that CSAA Insurance Group aired an insurance TV advert in September based on Astley’s 1987 hit ’Never Gonna Give You Up’ – the firm recruited the pop star himself to sing in the video.

Rick Astley_CSAA Insurance video single

Credit: CSAA Insurance 

The advert uses the hit tune for a double meaning, implying that CSAA’s insurance service is never going to give you up, let you down, run around, desert you and, lastly, never say goodbye.

At the end of the video, Astley watches the advert back on his phone and asks two others – also dressed like Astley – if his song “is still a thing” more than 30 years after its release.

Tour de Insurtech returns

The insurtech cycling tournament – Tour de Insurtech 2022 – returned in September with 19 more riders than the previous year. A total of 42 riders took part in seven stages ranging from slow, medium and fast terrains between 12 and 19 September.

Tour de InsurTech 2021 - André Symes, Genasys co-CEO

Credit: Andre Symes, Genasys 

Cyclists covered 320 miles across London, Tunbridge Well, Nottingham, Bristol and Reading. Tour de Insurtech was inspired by the two Genasys’ co-chief executives love of cycling and insurtech.

André Symes, co-chief executive at Genasys, said: “Great ideas often spark in unusual settings and from informal conversations away from the parameters of ‘work’.”

Meet Hazel

In September, EY unveiled its latest diversity, equality and inclusion ambassador – Hazel the Labrador.

Hazel is a service dog in training. Depending on her training, Hazel could go on to become a seizure alert or therapy dog. Alternatively, she might help someone with physical tasks, like opening and closing doors or unloading a washing machine.

EY is not the only insurance firm to have a canine employee – back in March Revolut hired one year old Shiba Inu puppy Sam as its chief pet officer.


Credit: EY 

The Speculator


In the same week in September, the UK saw a new prime minister and a new King announced. Liz Truss was named new prime minister and succeeded Boris Johnson on 6 September. 

Two days later, Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 and the insurance industry voiced their sadness following her reign of 70 years and 214 days. Truss was one of the last people to meet the Queen at Balmoral, where she was asked officially by her majesty to form a goverment. 

Lloyd’s of London chairman, Bruce Carnegie-Brown made an address to the late Queen Elizabeth in Lloyd’s of London’s underwriting room, ringing the Lutine Bell to mark her death.

He said: “We were lucky to call her a friend and a regular visitor to Lloyd’s – all at Lloyd’s will cherish the memories we had together.”

Alongside this news was the announcement that the Queen’s son, Charles, the Prince of Wales, would become King – he signed an official oath on 10 September which formally proclaimed him monarch. He was responsible for launching the Sustainable Markets Initiative in late 2019, which is a global forum to counter the threat of climate change. 

But what more might the new King do for insurance?