The online hub offers breach response templates and discount security software

Hacking/cyber attack

CFC Underwriting has launched an online hub to accompany its cyber products, offering information and tools to customers in the event of a breach.

CFC, one of the front running firms in the cyber market, has teamed with a number of tech providers to develop the software.

It includes risk management tools, breach response templates, discount encryption software and free privacy consulting. The software is adaptable to the user’s needs, suiting any class of business user.

CFC director Graeme Newman said: “The launch of our new online hub takes our cyber proposition to a new level. We’re focused not only on providing the best possible response should the worse happen, but also to try and help prevent a loss from occurring in the first place.”

The software will be distributed to brokers for them to offer on any CFC underwritten cyber policy.

Newman added: “Our cyber hub allows policyholders, regardless of size, sector or location, to access the information and tools that are the most relevant to their own operation and create a complete solution to their cyber needs from risk management to loss mitigation.”

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