Fraud and UK field adjusting to come under new property services operation

Loss adjuster GAB Robins will be placing its existing UK field adjusting and fraud investigation teams under the management of a newly created property services operation, to be called Property Service Line.

The move, aligning the overall management of these services, provides more direct accountability for the performance of the operation and helps to develop and enhance the existing and future services provided. The delivery of adjusting and fraud services in the field will continue to be provided by the company’s range of expert adjusters and fraud investigators.

Ian Woodhead, the company’s UK field operations director, will head up Property Service Line. He will be responsible for the day-to-day operation and performance of the adjusters and fraud investigators covering the UK. John Baldock, who was responsible for the investigations unit, has left the business.

Mike Jones, chief operating officer of GAB Robins UK, said: “Fraud investigation is an important part of the loss adjusting service we provide to insurers and this work is driven, primarily, by our property business. Therefore, the move to bring these two field-based services under the management of the newly created property services line operation makes clear sense.

“This also provides us with a platform from which to develop new and broader offerings utilizing our core investigation skills. We have a strong reputation for our expertise and quality of service in the commercial and major loss area, this move will help us to reinforce that position.”

The integration of the teams’ management is part of the ongoing development of an enhanced property service. It is also part of a wider strategy to build other service led centres of excellence focused on the company’s key business areas.