Gang of 11 convicted for multiple schemes valued at around £250,000

Five people have pleaded guilty and a further six were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud after a series of crash for cash schemes between 2011 and 2013 in Derby.

Following two trials at Derby Crown Court, Shazad Ali, 42, of Frederick Avenue, Alvaston, and 10 others were convicted for trying to make a combined £250,000 in fraudulent claims.

The other members of the gang included Mark Knowles, 43, of Beaconsfield Street, Long Eaton, Stacey Bailey, 29, of Birkbeck Close, Derby, Mark Woodward, 38, of Booth Street, Derby, Anzard Brown, 40, of Prestwick Way, Derby and Kevin Hall (28) of Beaufort Street, Derby.

This is the second case of a crash for cash conspiracy in Derby that has been prosecuted in the space of a year. The previous one saw another gang of eleven people jailed in April 2017.

Detective Constable Andrew Small, who led the investigation, said: “This was a complex case which started in May 2013 and was investigated by our Fraud Investigation Team.

“During the two-and-a-half-year investigation, more than 100 people were interviewed as suspects or witnesses.

“There appears to be a worrying mindset in some people that insurance fraud is a victimless crime and is morally acceptable. The people that are intent on getting involved need to realise that everyone who has an insurance policy is a victim of this crime.

“I hope this investigation shows that any allegation made about insurance fraud will be taken seriously and fully investigated. You should anticipate your claims to be investigated by your insurance company and reported to the police if it is suspected to be fraudulent.

“We certainly welcome the guilty pleas and verdicts given in this case.”

Jason Potter, Head of Investigations at the Insurance Fraud Bureau said:

“It’s clear that Shazad Ali was the leader of this highly organised gang that was solely motivated by greed.

“Insurance fraud scams like this might seem like victimless crimes, but we estimate ‘crash for cash’ costs the industry £336m per year and ultimately it is premium-paying motorists who foot the bill.

“Insurance fraud is a serious crime and one that will not go unpunished, so we’re pleased that this long and complex investigation has resulted in guilty verdicts.”

All those convicted will be sentenced on Friday, May 4 at Derby Crown Court.