Tim Kevan is leading authority on credit hire

Lawyer Tim Kevan is set to become the independent judge settling disputes between insurers and credit hire operators (CHOs).

The General Terms of Agreement (GTA) committee is likely to formalise his appointment next month.

Tony Copeland, who sits on the committee, said: “In terms of understanding the issues and problems and workings of the industry, there is no one stronger than him.”

National Association of Credit Hire Operators (NACHO) secretary Brian Bromley said Kevan was well thought of in the market.

He was recognised as a leading authority on credit hire, and last year wrote a book on the subject.

Both insurers and credit hire operators backed his appointment as he had experience acting for both parties.

It was a contributing factor in Chaucer’s decision to join the GTA. It suffered a blow earlier this year when AXA pulled out, saying that it wanted to save money by operating outside the agreement.

The agreement is a voluntary contract between CHOs and insurers that defines costs for using replacement vehicles.