’Adding the team from Abacai gives us the opportunity to maximise the skills and expertise of both organisations,’ says chief executive

Insurtech Abacai has formed a strategic partnership with insurance legal advisers Horwich Farrelly, a statement released today (11 September 2023) revealed.

Discount rate hit

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The deal will see 24 members of the Abacai volume claims teams move to the law firm, which will in turn provide expertise to support them over the service they provide to customers.

The transfer, which will go ahead today following a consultation period, will be carried out via the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations.

Under TUPE regulations, there is a rule of thumb test, which states that if the percentage of working time an employee spends in the transferring business is 50% or over, then they should be moved across to the new employer, which in this case is Horwich Farrelly.

Ronan McCann, chief executive and managing partner of Horwich Farrelly, said: “We’re excited to be building on the strength of our business through the broadening of our service offering to our clients.

”Adding the team from Abacai gives us the opportunity to maximise the skills and expertise of both organisations in a way that benefits our people, clients and customers.”

‘Perfect partner’

This came after three cofounders at Abacai, including former Aviva Group chief executive Mark Wilson, resigned as directors earlier this year (14 July 2023).

Abacai was created in 2021 after merging with Complete Cover Group (CCG), an insurance distribution and underwriting business.

It also received the backing of London-based private equity firm Sun Capital Partners.

Abacai said partnering with Horwich Farrelly would protect its service to customers as well as the jobs and employment rights of the teams involved.

Sarah Whitehouse, chief executive of claims at Abacai, added: “We are delighted that through this partnership our volume claims teams will be joining Horwich Farrelly.

“It was important to us to work with an organisation, which not only has an in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector, but that also shares our values with a firm focus on its people and customers and that made Horwich Farrelly the perfect partner for us.”