Steve Cowman, managing director of NBS Underwriting, discusses the business’ entry for the MGA Initiative of the Year award

Why have you entered the MGA Initiative of the Year Award?

Steve Cowman Managing Director

Steve Cowman

Our entry spotlights our unwavering dedication to revolutionising the broker experience.

This category aligns perfectly with our proactive approach in tackling industry challenges head-on.

We’ve actively responded by introducing a spectrum of innovative products, ranging from community enterprise to flood-area home insurance, effectively addressing diverse broker needs.

Additionally, our strategic expansion into the commercial combined segment, through the acquisition of Capital Markets Underwriting and professional indemnity through The Underwriting Specialist showcases our commitment to reshaping the broker landscape and setting new service benchmarks.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

Our initiative distinguishes itself through our steadfast commitment to innovation and unparalleled service excellence.

The agility displayed in responding to market dynamics, coupled with the strategic expansion initiatives, illustrates our industry leadership and adaptability.

The introduction of new products, like professional indemnity and commercial combined, emphasises our dedication to reshaping and modernising the industry.

Winning this award would unequivocally validate our transformative contributions and reinforce our status as trailblazers dedicated to redefining service standards.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Winning would signify not only recognition but validation for our continuous efforts in setting the highest service benchmarks.

It goes beyond an accolade, solidifying our reputation as indispensable partners in enhancing the broker experience.

This award would serve as a testament to the whole team’s relentless commitment to innovation, customer service and sustainable growth strategies.

It reinforces our position as pioneers deeply committed to excellence, fortifying our stance as industry leaders driving positive change and customer-centric solutions.

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