Amit Tiwari, president of EMEA and APAC at Xceedance, discusses one of the organisation’s entries into the Business Partner of the Year category

Briefly explain why you entered the Business Partner of the Year category?

Amit Tiwari President

Amit Tiwari

At Xceedance, our services for MGAs are not simply the same services we offer to insurers on a smaller scale, but are specifically tailored to address the unique pain points experienced by MGAs, such as establishing agile, scalable processes to support growth and utilising tech to reduce costs, boost efficiency and appeal to aspiring talent.

This category spoke to us as we have a genuine commitment to delivering tangible value, driving efficiency and fostering profitability in the complex landscape of UK MGAs – and we have the proven ability to do so.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

Xceedance should win this award as our innovation-driven, digital-first approach adds a distinctive edge to partnering with MGAs. Another standout element is our adaptation to overcome the challenges posed by outdated technology and elevated operational costs.

We deliver specifically tailored solutions that match priorities for MGAs, including strategic operations support, process engineering, platform proficiency and consulting services.

By adopting a holistic approach, Xceedance addresses diverse MGA needs, establishes seamless business processes and implements a customisable policy administration system.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

At Xceedance, our mission has always been to drive innovation within the insurance industry, benefiting society as a whole. With a decade of experience, we’ve continually expanded our reach, showcasing our expertise to a broader audience.

Winning the Business Partner of the Year award from a respected independent insurance publication would provide invaluable validation of our capabilities. This recognition will further bolster our credibility as we venture into new markets, reaffirming our commitment to advancing insurance ecosystems.


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