Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have pledged their opposition to the use of genetic tests in insurance.

Labour has included a statement in its manifesto vowing to follow the Human Genetics Commission's (HGC) recommendation that a moratorium be placed on insurers' use of the tests.

Two weeks ago, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) implemented a voluntary moratorium on using genetic tests for insurance policies up to £300,000.

The HGC had attacked the ABI for being slow to take action.

Liberal Democrats MP Nick Harvey also introduced a ten-minute rule bill on genetic testing in insurance into parliament, called the Genetic Testing Consent and Confidentiality Bill.

He said: “Genetic testing must not be used for non-medical purposes.

“If insurance companies and employers are allowed to access this information, it will quickly lead to an underclass of people unable to obtain insurance, mortgages or even employment.”

The Conservative Party was unable to provide its policy on the use of genetic tests in insurance.